"Conventional wisdom" isn't.

At best, it's an illusion; at worst, it's a flat-out lie. With human knowledge expanding at a mind-blowing rate, the difference between real wisdom and the cultural fad-of-the-week gets harder for most people to recognize every day.

Eldon Grant was born an ordinary Utah farm boy but through trial and error (mostly error), he rediscovered ancient and almost-forgotten principles to success and happiness. One of the many things he discovered is the key to learning. Getting through school isn't learning, nor is hanging a fancy degree on your wall. Learning is more about the right questions, than the right answers.

From this book, you can discover how to harvest a cornucopia of real wisdom, unlock the power in those ancient principles, and grab hold of a more productive, more satisfying, more exciting life!

Learning is simple if you do it right. Education is profitable, only if it leads you to discover what Eldon has come to call “…the principles that lead to wisdom and harness the laws of creation.” Harvesting your dreams, which includes accomplishing things you've never dreamed you could do, is possible, if you understand how to harness these principles and laws of the universe to your advantage.

Join Eldon as he guides you, step-by-step, to recognize and gain real wisdom by getting the real education you need to unlock the greatness within you, ultimately, to solve every problem you face and Harvest the Life of Your Dreams!

This book is available in paperback and Kindle versions from Amazon .