You can acquire wisdom to solve every problem you face.

If you study this book, you can learn for yourself what wise men and women all across the ages have discovered while seeking lives of prosperity and happiness.

What have they discovered?

They have discovered that Principles are the keys to wisdom — and wisdom is the key to solving problems.

Through decades of studying history’s great masters and applying their teachings, Eldon Grant has acquired an unconventional wisdom through which he turned his own life of shortcomings, failures and misery into one of fulfillment, prosperity and happiness.

How do you acquire wisdom? As a society, we believe our technological advances and vast stores of knowledge make us wise; yet today we are no wiser than people of the past. Obstacles we could be drawing power from are crushing us instead. It is only through a return to core principles founded on right character that will enable you to acquire the wisdom you need to solve problems so they never return.

You will discover:

  • How principles lead to wisdom and put you in control of the laws of creation
  • The one powerful principle that defines who you truly are and multiplies your potential
  • The two most powerful forces on earth—how to harness them for your good instead of being enslaved by them
  • The least understood yet the oldest and most powerful leadership principles on earth that will bring you wisdom, respect and influence
  • How knowledge is actually the most delusionary and debilitating roadblock to wisdom and how to quantum leap over it
  • The secrets to relationships that not only last but grow stronger forever
  • Three secrets to fostering honesty, integrity and loyalty in others
  • How to choose correctly and stand true when facing difficulties
  • Almost everything you’ve been taught about success is dead wrong! Here’s how to fix it.
  • Did you know you were born with 5 different owner’s manuals?
  • Why conventional wisdom compounds problems—and how you can acquire an unconventional wisdom that solves them
  • The truth about the truth
  • 5 crucial principles most experts tell you to avoid that you must embrace instead to catapult your success
  • How to achieve everything you want and never fail again—seriously!
  • The secrets to finding breakthrough shortcuts without cutting corners
  • 7 counter-intuitive principles that can solve every problem you have with others
  • The one and only thing in your life and business you can directly control and that determines everything about your future
  • “Cowboy up,” Live every day with courage and passion

This isn’t common knowledge. Read this book to learn how you can acquire the wisdom and access the power to unlock the forces behind these secret, ancient principles and step into the future you desire.

This book is available in paperback and Kindle versions from Amazon .