Eldon’s teachings have been called “the extraordinary wisdom of an unconventional, self-educated, back woods cowboy.” “He has a rare ability to not only make the difficult simple but the miraculous practical.” “Young people and adults alike, are captivated by his entertaining and relevant real life stories and transformed by the lessons he teaches.” “He will enable you to learn far more from the past, heal your present and maximize your future.”


"I’ve had the honor to work with Eldon Grant on a professional level for the past year, and have found him to have a unique understanding of life’s problems- that sheds light on solutions that may escape most people. He can see past the peripheral issues and zero in on the best way to isolate and remove obstacles that stand in the way. He’s a gifted speaker and a man who’s message has the ability to transform the way companies do business. I highly recommend Eldon Grant.”
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~Tamra Nashman Richardt - Marketing Consultant and Author Coach



I've known Eldon for a number of years and benefited personally from his example and teachings. I was thrilled to see him finally share his story and compile the simple guiding principles that have made him successful. As a person, Eldon is an honest and true friend to all. As a teacher his is kind, compassionate, extremely knowledgeable about his subject matter and yet ever the student himself. This book is well thought out and the culmination of tens of thousands of hours of work to make simple the wisdom of the ages. To those looking to make significant changes in their lives to find greater peace, joy and success, this book is a must.

~Jon Thompson, President and CEO Atlas Development Corp



There is a spreading sickness in our society that is creating many problems, divorces, unhappy marriages and failed relationships of all kinds.

When I first met Eldon Grant, it was immediately evident that he has a centered and calm spirit. Within a very short time, it was also obvious that he is very intelligent but without a grandiose ego. His energy and presence resonate in balance with the Chinese Taoist philosophy of Yin and Yang.

The more I got to know Eldon, the more I understood that his message, teaching and spirit, along with his great aura of kindness, intelligence and humility is part of his blessing and gift to heal this sickness. It's my intention to surround myself with as many people as possible who can enlighten me, be a mentor and help me in my personal and business affairs. Eldon definitely has that gift. I encourage you to listen carefully to him.

~Michael Doucett, Internationally acclaimed photographer



Early in 2016, I got a call from Eldon Grant, whom I'd met the previous year. He'd written a book called Solve Every Problem in Your Life, and he hired me to edit it. This project became one of the highlights of my professional life. Like me, you've probably heard of hundreds of self-help books and, I hope, you're very skeptical about advice other people give you.

This one is different. I've been a lay minister in my church; served as a director of two national non-profits; was secretary to the board of trustees for a small university; run my own small business and served in the military. During all this time, I've seen examples of brilliant, atrocious, and even indifferent leadership, and I've looked carefully for what I call the universal constants—the ideas that apply to every individual and situation; educational, corporate, family, etc. In some respects, this book is like an action movie; a non-stop adventure into your life, with new ideas—actually, old ideas, most of which will probably feel familiar. When you reach the end, I can see you saying, "Yeah, that's what I've always thought, I just didn't know how to put it into words."

Eldon has laid the foundation for a lifelong self-training, self-discovery journey with one simple premise: You're in control of your life; get in the groove with the stuff that always works and life will be better. No one can guarantee great wealth, a worry-free life or that your wildest fantasies will come true. But, after three decades of serious examination, I can guarantee you'll find value in Eldon's writing, and, who knows, you might even find some advice that leads you to achieve that wild fantasy!

~Phoenix Roberts, Professional writer, editor and entrepreneur



“I am a full time teacher; I am also Eldon’s brother. I have been in conversation with thousands of brilliant men and women and shared Insights about the secrets of success and the purpose of life. I have dedicated my life to this great cause. However, with all that I have heard and gleaned, listening to Eldon is like having the manor’s curtains opened to vistas of perspectives, landscapes of learning and cathedrals of thought that few men and women have ever conceived.

Eldon provides a paradigm on life that is refreshingly hopeful and invigorating for anyone and trains you how to measure your success along the way. Once introduced to the time honored principles that he shares, your purpose and perspective will never be the same. Your life will begin to produce sustenance and fragrance that you may have thought not to be in existence or only found in the minds of dreamers.

I assure you [his teaching] is worth your investment of time and study. It is a vehicle that offers vision for a brighter future, validity in universal law, and vitality to propel you into a divine pursuit of real happiness. God bless you in your efforts.”

~David Carter Grant, high school and college religious educator



Like his victorious dance with a world class dancer, Eldon now demonstrates how to dance in rhythm with universal law to excite and embellish life’s performance. His book “Solve Every Problem in Your Life” is an invitation for you and your business to be guided through the chaotic turbulence of life’s straits and chart a course to harbors of unconventional wisdom and the simplicity on the other side of complexity.

~Del Whetstone D.O.



Eldon, First, thank you for your time and efforts you put into our fireside. Everyone was engaged and interested in your thoughts. Several stated they wished you had more time but that you had successfully planted seeds of new thoughts and ideas of how to make real change in who we are and what we accomplish. You were recognized as a great speaker and personality. You inspired us and I greatly appreciate you, your spirit and your thinking. Thanks again,

~Gary Howell, CEO Integral Software


Eldon, I really enjoyed reading the first part of your book. I can see from the brief glimpse into it that you have a treasure of insight that this world needs. I can’t wait to read the entire book when you are complete.

~Terri L Stecher CPC, CFC, NLPP, PDPA, SPHR HR Consulting Services Certified Professional Facilitator, Certified Performance and Relationship Coach


"Eldon, thanks for coming to our school and sharing your extraordinary insights and passion with our students… Your past experiences and true life stories kept their interest... The students did get the ideas you wanted to get across... I especially like the point of not allowing anyone… to "break your spirit." Eldon, Our students walked a little taller... I would like to thank you personally for your effort and time you put in for the benefit of the students..."

~Phil Howa, Head Coach







"Dear Eldon. I am a single mom of two boys and one with special needs... your seminars have helped me to understand my potential. I have been able to set goals for myself and my children and reach those goals...Thank you!”

~Malissa Adams


"…there is some amazing information in this manuscript and I learned a lot by reading it, even though I have spent the last decade of my life studying this very subject intensely…  I frequently had to set the book aside and just think about the things I had read in order to enjoy the many inspirations and revelations that came to me as a result of the words on the page… while (self-help) books have become more popular, this manuscript is unique…Reading it can be life changing…for those who prefer action to dreaming…”

~Cassandra Legge, Professional Editor & Copy Writer


"Eldon, ‘To dream the impossible dream, to reach the unreachable star.’ Those may be the lyrics to an unforgotten song, but your trainings first showed how each one of us have that potential within us and then a step by step process to unlock those potentials. You have helped to change my life, thank you."

~Cindy Labrum, Para Educator

Comments From Staff & Students:


  • “You were a wonderful change of pace from our other speakers.”
  • “Your advice about risk taking really hit home.”
  • “You kept us all engaged and interested throughout your entire presentation.”
  • “Your ‘pick me up’ story was captivating and encouraging.”
  • “I liked how interactive your talk was.”

  • “Thanks for sharing your extraordinary insights and passion with our students.”
  • “It was so eye-opening to see how most people work for success in a direction that can never produce it.”
  • “I will remember to raise my goals and expectations.”
  • “I learned so much that will help me get ahead in life.”
  • “It was really cool to see someone without a PHD with such wise insights.”

  • “Your lecture really opened my eyes.”
  • “I am working to overcome my depression, the equation about where results come from really stuck to me."
  • “Your country humor cracked me up.”
  • “You gave us a very different way to look at life.”
  • “It was scary to realize how much impact our friends have on us.”
  • “The lessons you provided were personally informative and helped me understand how to be extraordinary.”
  • “Your SPESIFC’s of life was a great lesson.”
  • “That certainly was a different perspective to how schools teach.”
  • “Your story of second chances was truly inspiring and motivational”
  • “I will put what you taught us to good use.”
  • “Our students walked a little taller the next day.”
  • “It will save us a life time of finding out for ourselves that universal laws are unbreakable.”

  • “I loved your SPESIFC’s example.”
  • “It was an honor to have met you and listened to your experiences.”
  • “I found your principles thought-provoking.”
  • “It’s great to know that someone can still dig themselves from tragedy and make themselves better.”
  • “I enjoyed the bike metaphor… but even more interesting were your ideas about friends.”

  • “Your points were very clear; I especially like the point of not allowing anyone else to ‘break your spirit.”
  • “You are a very generous and inspiring speaker.”
  • “Your presentation reinforced ideas we are learning [here].”
  • “The notes I have taken from your speech will be beneficial for time to come.”
  • “Thanks for sharing your amazing wisdom.”
  • “Your quotes are so profound.”
  • “Thank you for being so open about your struggles.”
  • “Thank you for coming to our school and giving us an opportunity of a lifetime.”
  • “Thank you for giving me a different way of thinking.”
  • “Your enthusiasm and insights will stay with me for a long time.”
  • “This was very eye-opening to learn what needs and wants really are.”
  • “You taught us some valuable lessons I had never thought about before.”
  • “What you taught really stuck to me and will be very helpful in my life.”
  • “I was shocked to understand things so simple, yet that I had never been taught before. Like your lesson on needs and wants.”
  • “Your quotes are so profound. Thank you for imparting your wisdom.”
  • “Your talk was a nice change of pace.”
  • “It gives many students hope.”
  • “I learned greatly from your speech.
  • “I was intrigued with your insightful knowledge.”
  • “Your presentation was insightful and intriguing.”
  • “We hope you come back.”