Conventional wisdom says, "I just work here."

That's not the dumbest thing people think today, but it's pretty close. "Conventional wisdom" isn't. At best, it's an illusion, at worst, it's a flat-out lie.

Eldon Grant was born an ordinary Utah farm boy but, through trial and error (mostly error) he rediscovered ancient and almost-forgotten principles to success and happiness. One key, he discovered, is the "stakeholder" concept—everything you do, everything you are a part of, everything you want, is under much more of your control than you may believe. That control is power and you can use that power to your profit.

In this book, he reveals how you can harvest a cornucopia of real wisdom, prepare yourself to unlock those ancient principles, and grab hold of a more productive, more satisfying, more exciting life!

As a stakeholder, you control yourself. Often, one person is all it takes to break a business or ruin a group and one person is all it takes to create a miracle. There are laws that control the universe and it's possible, if you understand how, to harness those laws and create almost any success you can dream up—and that includes dreams you never thought possible before.

Join Eldon as he guides you, step-by-step, to discover real power. Once on that track, you can unlock the greatness within yourself, inspire others and ultimately, solve every problem in your life!

This book is available in paperback and Kindle versions from Amazon .